Reid This Reid That

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The Podcast revolution started some years ago, and producers, presenters, researchers and their extended teams are giving us the consumer a plethora of choice when it comes to what we want to listen to online.

One of my favourites is the Reid This Reid That podcast with Jacque Reid and Joy-Ann Reid. These ladies provide episode staples ‘The Wine Down’, TV catch up ( GoT and Walking Dead are regulars). The ‘play’ cousins are both well-established Journalists and TV presenters on NBC and MSNBC respectively.

The podcast is both informative, entertaining and hilariously funny, it’s a vehicle that allows the ladies to talk straight up about issues they care about, without censorship, voluntary or not.

If you haven’t found these ladies podcast yet, take a listen to this episode in which they talk about the recent spate of Abortion law changes in the USA. The episode is called ‘The Battle For Lady Parts’