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This was a funny day for complete banal reasons. Our second day in Morocco began after breakfast with a saunter out to Mohammed V Avenue in search of the Marrakesh‎ Tour bus, but was approached by a taxi driver who offered to tour us for 200 dirhams (again is this the standard rate?). Given the 10 minute trip Marrakesh‎, I really didn’t.

Where you someone who watch the series Quantum Leap? >O boy…

We accepted his offer and climbed into the ‘not air conditioned’ Mercedes and began to explain where we wanted to go. After he kept repeating ‘tour, tour, yes tour’ we ascertained that the driver really didn’t know any English and Pam our resident French speaker would need to translate for us.

It was pretty hopeless at first but also quite funny, especially when he stopped outside a compound of replete with 5-star hotels. I thought he was going to finish there, not understanding that we wanted to see the sights of the city. Much to my relief, he was doing what most cabby’s who ferry tourists in most parts of the world do, he took us to see some of his mates who offer ‘tourist services’.

At this particular stop, many camel drivers offered you, what I can only describe as, a tour around the outskirts of the hotel compound. There wasn’t but 2 inches of sand so this would not be like a trip through the desert (Lawrence of Arabia style).

We all politely declined, but not before taking this snap. There weren’t any sand dunes, and it would be the equivalent to riding a horse around a sandpit. Where’s the fun in that? And have you ever noticed that Camels can really give you some ‘dirty’ looks? I never went near this one, but I’ve been close enough to look directly in the face of another, and it gave me a stinking look then turned his head away.

I’ve heard they spit too, so I believe I got off lightly. Anyway, my compadres collected some palm leaf models (???), and we proceeded on our way. ‘A la Jardin driver’ we pigeoned, we want to go to the gardens.

Ladies in the Garden