Just Get It Done!

/ #bug fixing #dealing with clients #development team  /1 min read

Working in corporate or agency based development teams, we all know there is a right way and a right way to get through the piles of issues and request for new features on any big site. Most times as developers, we want to write code that is elegant, streamlined and re-useable, however we also know there are times when that is not possible.

Deadlines are too tight, there is an emergency fix needed yesterday and the client is screaming down the phone at us because their online money-maker is down and they are losing money by the bucket load each minute it’s not available.

What do you do? You just get it done! that’s what. When it’s up and running, you include the oligatory @TODO in the code documentation and come back and make things pretty again another day. Life’s too short and there’s always another screaming client is just one phone call away.