How Many Is Too Many?

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Careers is what I am talking about today.

Had a conversation with a few mates last week about how many careers you can have in your lifetime. I figure everyone is entirely justified in having at least three.

Of course, this can depend on how much you enjoy what you do, but if you don’t and you fancy a change, how many times can you switch lanes before you end up losing out on earnings (due to starting again), promotions, position etc.?

Things are changing in the world of work, and more and more people are trying to follow their dreams and find a job that’s closely related to their passions, which I believe is a good thing. It makes sense, especially as you get older, to begin experimenting, perhaps part-time, with a hobby or interest, to discover if it has the potential to provide you with enough income.

My second career, possibly, is going to be a professional poker player, but I need to get over the “All In” reflex first, reckon I can make a fistful of dollars playing poker part time let alone full time.

What are you gonna do for your next career?

Main Image © Sergio Roberto Bichara