Get That Writing Habit Started

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Monday mornings are sometimes painful, coming off the weekend, back to the daily grind. Although I have no boss, as Neil Shearing quotes, without a boss it’s up to me to self motivate and get that writing habit started for another week.

So how do I get motivated to write? Well some things I try are:

  • Read news feeds and see what’s going on in the blogosphere
  • Check out the national and regional news sites to see if anything interesting sparks a creative thought
  • Get some early morning exercise (this helps to boost the energy levels)
  • Check some social networks to see what’s cooking with my pals
  • Read the newspaper
  • Read over some old journals to see if a topic I’ve written on in the past could do with updating
  • I find photographs a good prompt for writing juice. Looking over images that I’ve taken can provide some interesting food for thought

If I’ve done all these and still can’t feel the motivation to write, then I just go back to bed. Dreams provide motivation as well :)

Main Image © Wenni Zhou on Unsplash