Earn Money Through Travel Photography

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You can earn money through travel photography without leaving your home town, did you know that? I am going to write a fuller article on another site that I write for, and will post the link here, but for a taster of what I will cover, check out this synopsis.

No Need To Leave Home

A year before last I went to Rome. It is an absolutely breathtaking city, and if you’re someone like me who loves history, then Rome has bags of it and then some.

While sitting outside the Coliseum, marvelling at the wonders of Ancient Rome, it suddenly occurred to me that I don’t appreciate the history that’s abundant in my own home city, London.

It also then occurred to me that I don’t take advantage of the photographic opportunities that are available in my city. It’s one of the worlds biggest tourist cities, and I realised that because I know it as a citizen, I don’t think of it as a travel destination, and as such, don’t think about it as an opportunity to make travel photographs.

Now we’ve had a really great summer this year. Not much rain, plenty of blue skies. Even today on the 13th of October, the sun is shining, and the temperature is mild, so it’s an idea from a photography perspective, to go out and create some fantastic images of the capital.

Are you like me? Do you live somewhere that tourist visit, whether en masse or in groups, on tours because of some historical or particular interest? If this is the case, you too can create images that may appeal to the travel photography market.

Have a peruse next time you’re out at the local supermarket, chances are you may have little competition in your neck of the woods so you could make that market your very own.