Art Student Final Show

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Last night I took a work friend of mine from India to the Student final show at Byam Shore, which is a college of the University of the Arts London.

This image was taken there and shows some of the highly creative work that was on display by this year’s graduating class. This particular body of work was by an artist that based his work around the homeless. The images are in black and white save the eyes of the subject which are vivid, bright and clear.

Your attention is drawn to the eyes which were the artist’s intention. He wanted us to look into the eyes of those who have to live rough on the streets as it is something we seldom do. I think this was my favourite exhibit and I found myself returning to it time and again during the evening. It also prompted me to think more about the people who were depicted and my own photography practice. Pity that I can’t remember the name of the artist in question as I would much like to talk to him more about his work.

Brilliant show and congrats to all the graduating students.