Are You Watching the Race?

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The US party nominations race is fascinating.

It’s been years since we’ve been captivated by the presidential nominations on this side of the pond.

Usually we wait until US voters have decided who’s actually running for the job of president before throwing a gaze across from time to time, ruminating on which nominee is going to be best for us (the rest of the world), but this time, the USA has two brilliant competitive races that are captivating our attention.

Both the Republican and Democrat races are exciting for entirely different reasons.

First, in the Republican race, the fact that the front runner (by a long way) is hated by his party is hilarious.

How can it be that on the ground, people are voting for John McCain, but within the party,he is loathed? Does this mean that the party is out of touch with the electorate? It would seem so.

The Democrats meanwhile, have a history-making race going on. The two potentials Hilary Clinton, former first lady, (woman) and New York Senator versus Barack Obama, Congressman, and African American.

A win for either would see the first female or non-white presidential candidate in US history.

That’s exciting for everyone because no one knows what either will actually be like at running the biggest economy in the world. With a fair few months to go before the convention, we wait with bated breath to see what the complex party nomination process.

I wonder if the actual presidential election will garner as much interest once the dust has settled.

Updated: It’s been brilliant reading some of the blog articles about the race, here’s just one I found today at PutinToon68