Weight Loss Diet Pill Acomplia (Rimonabant) Available on NHS

News announced today that the weight loss diet pill Acomplia (Rimonabant) is now available on prescription from the NHS. Acomplia, also known as Rimonabant, is an anti-obesity drug, said to aid dieters with weight when used in combination with exercise. It is said that people with weight issues can lose up to 10% of their body weight when taking the diet pill Acomplia.

News that Acomplia is available via prescription will be good news for some, but for others it may be quite worrying and it is sure to cause controversy, as Acomplia has been linked with depression and in some cases increased risk of suicides in those who take it. Acomplia has yet to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), due in part to these risk factors, however it was approved for use in the European Union (EU) in 2006 despite these fears.

Doctors are being issued with guidance as to how to administer the drug in cases where obesity is a problem, and are urged to ensure that the risks are mitigated by. Acomplia will only be available on the NHS to those who have had no success with other diet pills.

Do Diet Pills Work

Diet pills are big business and there are hundreds if not thousands available, with or withour prescription. With an increasing amount of people suffering from obesity, the market is huge and manufacturers make claims about the effectiveness of their diet pill over others, claiming the pounds will simply melt away.

In truth, there are diet pills available which work, however they are more likely to be more effective when taken with exercise, and when combined with a healthy, calorie controlled diet.

Diet pills contain substances and chemicals that act as inhibitors, enhancers, suppressants, stoppers and breakers? Sound like double dutch? Quite possibly, but in diet pill talk, what constitutes the pill or the combination is what makes it work. Whether it is one that enhances metabolism so that you calorie burn more efficiently or for longer, or one that suppresses appetite, and even those that stop calories being absorbed by the body, the choice seems to be quite overwhelming.

I could do with losing a bit of weight myself, but would I resort to taking a diet pill, I don’t know. It seems in all the stuff I have read, that diet pills alone don’t work, all seem to be most effective when combined with exercise so I guess the bike still needs to come out of the basement and further more out on the road with me on it, peddling like a gooden to shift those pounds.

Have you or anyone you know tried Acomplia? Let us know how you found it. Did the Acomplia (or Rimonabant) diet pill work for you?


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  1. pammi /

    i have tried it been on it for 3 months and lost 2 kgs not really impressed. i do not feel full at all no side effect though

  2. Health & Acomplia Blog /

    Diet pills? Wont one say that trying to slowly cut down their diet and also do some workign out would help? Diet pills should be one of the last resorts if you ask me. but in the end its up to you guys to decide whats right and whats not.

  3. XanGo /

    Diet pills do work. But the point is what kind of side effects do they carry. I have heard of many diet pills carrying side effects that range from fuzziness to frequent visits to the bathroom.

    I think that it is always reliable to go for weight loss programs and home fitness regimes.

  4. Smartlipo laser liposuction /

    I am not really sure that any pills works effectively. I think that most of them can be used only if you are really desperate to lose weight.

    Otherwise it is a waste. You might as well run two miles everyday, no money loss no side effects.

  5. Diet Plate /

    It’s always better to start with a balanced diet and regular exercise.
    These drugs are generally prescribed for those with excessive weight problems, and as a last resort.
    And when you’re struggling with a weight problem – the last thing you need is a drug which has depression as a side effect as seen with Acomplia.

  6. Neem King /

    I’m not a big fan of weight loss drugs, I’m really wary of them and it is mainly because I have read so much about thier side effects and at the same time I know there are many people out there who keeps complaining that they have not been the same after having these pills…

  7. Findmybbw /

    Diet pills do work but they have so many side effects!

    Get up you lazy boys, get up and run! That is the best way! Oldest and most reliable way!

  8. Obagi Nu Derm /

    I have heard that Alli is not that good, but then there are times that I have heard t hat most of t he side effects are hyped and that it is not that bad.

    So I decided to take the safer options and started to go for morning jogs.

  9. Zerona /

    Ever since i saw the movie requeim for a dream, i freak out whenever someone so much as suggests diet pills. Those things can really mess you up.

  10. Pam Sanderson /

    Hey, Pam Here…. Great Article….

    I recently tried the Acomplia weight loss diet pill..along with the every other day diet…..Acomplia really helped to curb my cravings and filled me up…..If you wanted more information about my combination of the two visit every-other-day-diet.org…..

    Thanks for your info….Stirlyn
    Pam Sanderson

  11. Eliken /

    I think too aerobic exercise and diet plans have been touted as the solution to weight loss. It’s important to remember that the Food Pyramid was not created for “weight loss”, it was created as a “general nutrition guide” to maintain average health. Great job!


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