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If you have been reading the posts under search engine promotion, you will know that I am trying to increase the visibility of my portrait photography business. Stirlyn.co.uk does not only contain this blog, but also services that I offer people who require family or individual portrait photography services. People who want to have professional photographs of themselves for gifts to family or friends often hire services of a photographer, go to their studio and pose in front of a background.

They may or may not pay a sitting fee and will receive their portraits after a week or so nicely printed and perhaps framed. Contemporary portrait photography offers wider choice of locations, informal as well as formal styles and even the ability to get a make-over and appear as a model or celebrity.

For this stage of my search engine promotion activities I have enlisted the help of Wordtracker to find relevant keywords and search terms that may be used to find such services onthe major search engines. Wordtracker allows you to query their database of keywords to find the most relevant related keywords to your area.

Remember. Content is king

Now, so that I don’t get accused of trying to trick the search engines I am not going to list all the relevant, related keywords that I was given when I used the Wordtracker free trial. I shall just try to incorporate them into the text on this site in a manner that does not disturb the flow of what you are reading. This is very important to remember. Search engines rate the relevance of your page to the users search terms based on the contents of the page,not on the number of key words in your meta tags.

My Wordtracker strategy

I decided not to try and incorporate all the keywords returned by Wordtracker. Instead I have opted to only use keywords of phrases that ranked above 50 in the Wordtracker database, either in the count (the number of times it appears in their database) or in the predict (the maximum total predicted traffic for all of the major search engines/pay per bids and directories as reported by StatMarket). I only chose phrases that were relevant to the types of photography in which I am interested. I am not a sports photographer so using the keyword phrase sports photographer is not relevant for me.

I am a studio photographer (not exclusively though, I do much of my work on locations outside the studio) and I do use a digital SLR so the term digital photography is important to me. As part of my Portrait photography business, I have determined through experience, that people want to be able to print images themselves, or send them to their friends and family via email, or to upload them on to photo sharing sites such as Yahoo Photos or Flickr. It is therefore important that the services page on my site includes mention of the fact that as part of the service, customers can leave with a CDROM of their best portraits straight from the photo session.

Not all keywords are equal

The presence of a particular keyword or phrase in a lot of searches is not a guarantee of high placement. Some phrases are just too competitive, meaning that they are used so much, they become completely useless to you. The trick is to find the niche. To find those phrases that will get you to the top of the list. I have found one that should be relevant to me and has very little competition so I am going to use it on this site and see whether I can manage to top the current list leaders on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I will report back, off to take some screen dumps to track my progress. See you soon.


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  1. Ben /

    It getting harder and harder to find decent keywords for your domain maybe we will run out at some point lol

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