Ebay Photography

Nikon Lens Having good quality pictures of your products on Ebay helps you sell it. Period! I am an avid Ebayer and know that I will not buy anything secondhand without first trying to establish it’s condition from the pictures in the ad.

Here are some of my pictures that have helped me to sell goods online over the past year or so. Although the goods themselves where in excellent order they achieved a better price (in my opinion) based on the quality of the images that accompanied the advert. Even goods that don’t work get the start treatment. This Yashica Minster III didn’t work. I’d broken it, but the condition of the object meant that it was good enough for an enthusiast who may have had the parts to fix the broken bit or use it for spares.

Yashica Camera

I offer Ebay Photography services to sellers who want to increase the number of watchers that convert to buyers.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling from pencils to cars. On Ebay you can almost always find a buyer. I have sold clothes, camera equipment, Household goods, shoes, old stereos, VHS, yes VHS videos, watches, parts for computers, you name it, I have (probably) sold it. All with pictures. Currently I have around a 95% success rate with selling having only very few items remaining unsold. I take the pictures with a digital camera, most times without.

If you have taken the pictures yourself but are unhappy, why not contact me to see if I can help. Perhaps your photographs are too dark or seem washed out. I can adjust them so that they look better.

These before and after images show what can be done to rescue a photograph.

boots before image restoreboots as they should be

If you have products that you would like to have photographed for your emay auctions, please contact me to discuss your requirements using the contact form