Google Deal Could Prove Good For Authors

Google as settled it’s legal battle in the USA with authors and publishers. The deal could see the publishing world enter the digital era in a significant way and the changes are compared with the deal Apple did with the music industry to allow customers of it’s iTunes store to purchase music on a track by track basis. The same could happen in publishing world which will allow customers to purchase chapters of a book or the whole book in digital format.

Although the deal has only currently been worked out in the US, and has yet to be finalised, the global implications could be very beneficial for writers who want to publish their books and perhaps don’t have a hugh market for their published works. It is concievable that writers could publish digitally and customers who want to purchase their books would find it cheaper as the traditional publisher is bypassed and costs of production are reduced.

On Demand Printing is a growing phenomenon and is especially good for people who don’t have the budget to produce work on a massive scale. Photographers have grasped the benefits of using services such as Blurb and Lulu in order to publish traditionally expensive photographic books. These services allow you to design and upload your book using software that helps with the layout and design of the book. Authors can then link to the book on their websites or allowed their books to be searchable via the on demand printers website catalog.

Authors who want to publish books but don’t have the cash or don’t have the publishing deal to make their dream happen can also use on demand printing services in the very same way.

Printing On Demand Companies Rubbing Hands

By no means do I believe that publishers will die or be completely taken out by this deal and there is one group of businesses that must be rubbing their hands with glee at this deal. The scanning of books means that there are thousands of out of print books will make their way back into circulation as a result of demand. Although there is demand for these titles, people still like to read the book by physically holding it in his hand, this means that once bought, it may be possible for customers to order a printed copy from an on demand printing service attached to the store or publishing company.

Currently I can see no downside to this deal (outside the big G debate). No doubt off the back of this deal other large internet brands such as Amazon will find a new revenue stream as well. I look forward to seeing what happens


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  1. Roger Hamilton /

    It’ll be great if this is sucessfull and works out!

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    printer is very important so nowday so many demand in this field

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