A couple of weeks ago I went to a very nice and friendly pub called The County Arms, just by Wandsworth Common. They must have hired a nightclub and restaurant interior designer to do out the place, because it is so relaxing that we stayed there all day.

At first you don’t realise how much your environment affects your mood until you find somewhere where the interior design has been done so well that you feel comfortable enough to stay in the space all day.

It wasn’t over done, it wasn’t like a styled out space, it had enough ambiance and the furnishings were kind of rustic but not country styled (that would have looked out of place in a pub in the middle of the city).

Retail Interiors Designed For Multiple Uses

county-arms-pub.jpgOne thing that we liked as well was the interior was not done in a way that made it look ‘designed’.

The County Arms is quite a big pub, but it’s not like a themed pub, with the exact same layout throughout. In some corners three and four seater leather sofas surrounded the low tables, in others, you had 2 or three armchairs with higher dining tables.

The pub has a dining area that is set out for more formal(ish) dining, and still other areas where high tables and stools or long high benches enabled drinkers and diners to look out at the world through the large windows.

The way the interior design has been done in this space makes it usable for many types of patrons. You would feel equally relaxed and ‘at home’ there whether you were with friends or on your own.

The exterior of The County Arms looks like a traditional English pub, indeed it’s run by Youngs Brewery, which is actually a well known brewery in the UK. However (I think in part thanks to the decor and the smoking ban), the interior has a dark but airy feel to it. The lighting is gentle and the use of dark wood and darker reds in the furnishings give it the warm, comfort feel I spoke about earlier. None of your bleached alpine squared off tables or chairs here, however the lighter creams of the paintwork and walls help the space to achieve the lightness quality so important in modern interior design. On a sunny day the combination is unbeatable.

I would really recommend this place as a nice spot to eat and drink if you’re in south west London. The staff were excellent and quite attentive without being overbearing. It is also a family friendly place, there is no problem bringing your kids there. Ok it’s not strictly speaking a nightclub, but in the evenings they have regular live music nights and the food is great too.

I must commend them for creating space that caters for all their different types of clientele. This is a great example of a nightclub; retail; restaurant; interior design that works.

The County Arms 345 Trinity Rd, London, SW18 3SH – 020 88748532

Photo © County Arms


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  1. New York Nightlife /

    Great post, I really enjoyed it. I will have to bookmark this site for later.

  2. Singapore Italian Restaurant /

    I can understand the importance of having a good interior design and how it can appeal to your customers. That is why we are willingly to pay for a good dining atmosphere.

  3. Szenovera /

    It seems nice place to visit. Unique interior design, of course it is important elements to keep visitor stay more long time.

  4. wahyu eko putro /

    nice post, The County Arms is beautiful place….

  5. Oak Coffee Table /

    It does sound like an excellent place to visit, I do tend to look for the more traditional style of pub, as I believe the traditional aspect adds a lot to the experience. On another note, young’s serve some great beers so this sound like a place well worth a visit.

    Great post.

  6. Architects Coventry /

    I agree that interior design can make you feel so comfortable. There are a few (not many) pubs that I visit now and then in the Warwickshire area that make me feel that way. I particularly like the contemporary / traditional country pub feel that I see now and then. Also, the only reason I go back to these pubs is because I love the way they make me feel (the decor not the booze)

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