If I Had A Space Like This…

Having an industrialised loft and being able to get great ideas on interior designs that make it a multi-functional space, without it looking cluttered and losing the appeal of an open plan interior is a skill most of us don’t have.

Interior designs require a creative flair, the ability to blend colour with accessories, textures and surfaces to make the interior of your living or working space feel comfortable and look good.

I think I will be moving home soon and the picture below represents the type of live/work space I would like to move into next. In a space this large, it would need an interior design brief that would be able to tackle the living aspects and the work aspects of this type of industrialised loft.

It is large, airy, got good light, has bags of headroom and some tracks, columns and beams to make things interesting. But the space I would be looking for would be a shell, so I would need to find some ideas on interior designs to maximise the potential.

Why can’t I find interiors like this down South?

Almost floor to ceiling windows and great wooden floors. An interior designer would have a field day with this empty space!

In London, most of the good lofts are in East and North London. This is because they were mostly the industrial areas of the city, where the mills, factories and along the river where the cargo warehouses would have been.



Photo © Christopher Thiemet

I don’t need this much space to work as a writer, but as a photographer, my lord I could have some fun doing natural light work in a place like this. In the brief for the interior design, I would need to specify that the light, whilst great for most things, including natural light photography, would need to be able to be blacked out completely as well.

I recently went to view a photostudio that was set up in a modernised industrial area. It is one of the few warehouse loft complexes in SW London that are any good. The space is what I would refer to as ‘ideal’ out of which an aspiring portrait photographer could work.

Loft Interior Designs That Work

The interior of the loft was designed over three floors. The studio on the ground, mezzanine office and shooting gallery on the first and living quarters up top.

Try as I might I couldn’t make the budget work for me, without going back to work full time, which of course would negate the need for a studio to work out of during the day.

I must say, the owner was kind enough to show me the living quarters as well, (even though this wasn’t part of the rental). The interior designs that made the space work really well included completely white walls downstairs, but when you went to the upper levels, there was more injection of colour, texture and mood which was set off by modern appliances and lighting.

I also loved the glass bricks used to let light flood the space, without relinquishing all privacy.

Interior Designs Should Be Personal To You And Your Life

Interior design is something I would love to have the skill to do. I know that you can look at what others have done and ‘copy’ it, but this means you are taking on interior designs created for someone else, not for you.

If their interior designer was any good, they would have created the space after meeting with the client several times, to see how they use space, how they function with their existing space and to know a bit about how they intend the use the space for which the design is being done.

Although it may look nice, an interior designed to be used by someone who you know nothing about is not, I think, ideal.

Why go to all the trouble to personalise your living/working space if it really isn’t personal. That is why I am looking for a shell loft apartment, and when I find it, once I’ve done danced a jig and swallowed hard at the commitment to pay rent at what will probably be an astronomical rate, the first thing I will do is commission some interior designs to make the space my very own.


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  1. Maurice /

    Wow, look at that picture. The combination of the light and the natural texture of the floor combined with the pastel color on the walls just really make it all fit. It’s quite a task to keep the room not too open ended without destroying a sense of ‘freedom’.

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  3. nurvata /

    i think u must combine between u needs and budgets. because some people oftenly thinks that to designing an interior must by filling with all artistic stuff. You must thinks about what is your trully needs to live in some space according with your occupation, status, likes etc. express yourself!

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  5. Stirlyn /

    That’s true, almost as if anything going in it would compromise the sense of freedom and crowd the space

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