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I thought I would write a post about female photography. I am enjoying writing about building a niche for yourself, whether related to blogging or life/business. Female photography is a popular search online, I found this out whilst doing some keyword research. I wrote a short post about finding your photography niche and asked for your comments about how you go about finding your niche. It seemed pertinent to research the female photography niche some more in relation to this.

In another earlier post I outlined how I would go about finding a niche in which to operate. With these two posts in mind, It is possible that exploring this photography niche could provide opportunities for building a photography practice.

What is Female Photography

Surely this is too simplistic a question?, obviously it is photography that features the female form?. However, if you consider that this does not necessarily limit you to photographing bikini-clad women on a beach, you will see that there is lots of scope within the subject area for you to build your photography practice. When you examine the use of women in photography, you can see over it’s history, females have featured heavily, especially when it comes to art, advertising and marketing of goods and services, and in campaigns that hope to bring about raised awareness of issues.

In advertising, there is a mantra “…Sex Sells!” Look in magazines, on posters, billboards and in catalogs, women are used to sell everything from tanks to washing powder. That being said, advertising is not the only market that requires Female photography. Think about it for a minute. Organizations that seek to publicize issues relating to women also require images. Perhaps they want to create a campaign to get out of work mothers back into employment, or perhaps there is a new campaign to warn women of the dangers of binge drinking?

Build your stock of Female Photography

female-photography-as-a-niche.jpgYou can probably already see that female photography is not just about photos of scantily clad women in bikinis posing on a beach. There is much variety and space to operate in this field. It is possible that you have a hobby that brings you into contact with lots of women. Perhaps you yourself are a woman who knows lots of other women who enjoy having their photograph taken. Why not think about creating a documentary photography project about women or an issue relating to women. You may find you can highlight something that has not already been tackled in the mainstream and build a profile for yourself as a specialist in this field.


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  1. Sunset /

    Female photography…would be really cool. Taking up close shots of sweet girls would be any mans dream.

    I’m sure the industry is tough to enter and to make it big

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