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I’ve been tagged to let you know eight things about myself. Tiffany tagged me a few days ago, and whilst I didn’t hesitate to respond in the positive, it’s taken me three days to actually get around to writing it, so you know about the procrastination right!

Well here goes with my eight, and I’m going to use the left brain part of me and number them otherwise I’ll get carried away.

  1. I’m currently looking for an art/photography studio near to where I live so that my practice has a place of creativity from which to flow.
  2. I continually frustrate myself by my flip-flopping approach to the creative me. You know, angst artist, I am good enough, I’m not good enough…it gets so boring after a while
  3. I, used to play hockey at school and loved every minute of it, but would never play now. Too much pain on the ankles with them thar sticks.
  4. I once lived in the once fabled street, Villa Road in Brixton (London), where during the 1970’s, squatters had running battles with the Police and Council over their rights to live in the empty properties there. Eventually a compromise was reached and the south side of the street was demolished and a park put in it’s place. The north side remained and the squatters were allowed to form a collective that to this day still exists there.
  5. I love the Borg (from Star Trek), just because I feel they are an example of what we all need to fight against. Their tag “Resistance is Futile” is excellent, because, (if you watch Star Trek at all, especially Voyager, you’ll know this), it set’s you’re back up. Resistance is never futile, we should always try to remain individuals, regardless of whether we operate within a collective, we should never strive for complete uniformity, life is way to interesting for that.
  6. I seem to have a wasps graveyard by my window. Every morning I clear away dead wasps from the place they have chosen to come and die. It’s sad, and I may photograph it for posterity.
  7. I have everything I need in life to make it inspiring, however every now and then reality kicks in and spoils the mood.
  8. Managing eight email accounts on a daily basis is far too many.

Now the eight people I would like to tag are

BimmytheBookish, because her name is all it takes to get you interested in what she has to write.

Cindy from 15 minute dating blog, her reads are hilarious

Everydayweekender, as she comes back time and again to read my blog, even when I haven’t posted. Thanks for the support

Sharons writing lab, as I have had some useful tips from her blog

My friend Rina, who writes far too seldom on her blog. Perhaps because she, unlike me, is a very busy person.

Somerandomdude, because I like his photography and his blog

Also David Leonard for the same reason, although I don’t know if he also writes.

Last, but by no means least, Jon at SmartWealthyRich. Again because I like his blog and he has some great tips for people who are new to blogging, as well as those who’ve been doing it for a while.

I don’t know whether all or none or somewhere in between of these last eight will continue this eight things tag, but it has been an interesting exercise is self memory for me. Thanks for tagging me Tiffany.


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