Earn Money Writing Travel Articles

There are more people online searching for ways to earn money writing. Many people searching for a way to earn extra cash, who have a talent for writing long or short stories, articles, features, web content you name it, they are all ways for writers to earn money online.

Following on from my post about ways to earn money, I read a great post about travel writing from Sharon Hurley-Hall over at get paid to write online, in which she explains how to write a travel article without actually visiting the place about which you are writing.

Travel writing is such a large and well paying market that you can use your computer as a way to earn extra money, by writing about popular destinations. If you are looking for a way to earn money writing, especially now when things are a little tight, this something that you can do. Using your computer to earn money, not only by writing, but by building web pages, designing graphics or even just doing research for people who will pay you is worth checking out.

Earn Money Writing Reviews

Think about it, how much time do you spend on your favourite websites? Perhaps you spend a lot of time on your favourite social network like Myspace or Facebook or even Flickr. You essentially become an ‘expert’ about that site and without knowing you become an expert ‘user’.

Using your expert knowledge, you can earn money writing reviews that will help other not so savvy users to navigate and get to know the website(s) you know so well. This is another way to pocket some extra cash and earn extra money online.

Earn Money Writing A Blog

There are lots of places online where you can find information about how to earn money writing. On such is by starting a niche blog. If you were to start a niche travel blog, perhaps concentrating on a destination that you know really well, you can put your expert knowledge of that destination to good use and earn from it. You don’t have to be an expert at writing either. Using sites like getpaidtowriteonline.com, you can learn how to do it and do it well.

Don’t think that you are limited, you can earn money writing, I do it all the time, and over the past three years I have earned money writing about all sorts of topics. Try something new, if you want more information please check out Sharon Hurley Hall’s site and other writers, copywriters and web professionals to learn some more. In time, I will add to this series as I learn more, I will share what I learn with you.


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  1. Sharon Hurley Hall /

    Hi Stirlyn, thanks for the plug. I think we develop a lot of expertise without knowing it. One of the series on my blog basically tells others what I learned about SEO, something I didn’t know much about till three years ago. It’s good to take stock every so often and realize what new skills and knowledge we can use.

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  3. Travel Articles /

    Hi Stirlyn. It is indeed a promising option to get extra cash by writing travel articles on destination spots even if one is not actually traveling to that area.

    One can still attach images to your articles if there pictures one might find about it in the internet.

  4. Earn Extra Cash /

    This is some good advice to writers who need to earn extra cash. Probably the best way to find extra money for a writer is to write for online magazines although sometimes they take the micky with how much they pay

  5. Roshni Poddar /

    I am very bad at travel writing…My friends says that it requires casual approach…I am so not that…. 😛

  6. dr genius /

    well i beleive in free flow of ideas,if you have enough space to publish.just revert

  7. business information /

    This is interesting, and I am really happy that I came across this post.

    Traveling is my hobby and to make money of out of it would be so great! I think that is something that I should try doing right now and not waste time.

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    […] you write for money or for fame? Does it matter, is it the same? Are you someone who writes because it’s you […]

  10. Jayden Fellze /

    While writing reviews one should always think from a new visitor’s prospective. A newcomer should get a clear idea about what all a particular website is providing and what all he can get from there. Once you start writing good and useful reviews you earn the trust of the people who read your articles.

  11. Joe Ryder - Make Money Online /

    I’m actually planning on travelling for about a year. Maybe writing artcles on the places I go to could help keep the cash flowing.

    • Stirlyn /

      It’s possible that you could, good luck with that

  12. Mike /

    Looks like a great way to advertise my new online agency promoting responsible travel to the Peruvian Amazon….off I go…

  13. Stirlyn /

    You are very right Sharon, it’s all within us.

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