New Year, New Ways To Earn Money

It’s the New Year, and in the UK (as it is in many places around the world) we’re all looking for ways to earn money so we can pay for all our Christmas partying, presents and makeovers. Many of us look for ways to earn extra income over and above our regular wages but the truth is, many of us don’t know how to earn extra money, moreover we don’t know how to earn money fast.

You could look for a part time job, but much part time work in the UK is low paid and long hours. Unless you’re self employed and earn money using your particular skills, most of us have to settle for part time work that takes us away from our family and doesn’t bring in much more than we already get. By the time we get our first pay slip from our part time job, we wonder was it really worth?, especially after the Tax man has taken a huge chunk out of it. We’re lucky if it can pay for Johnny’s new Wii game that we spent hours queuing for.

I think that is why lots of people turn to the Internet to find ways to earn extra income. I have always looked for ways to earn extra money. When I started work at the tender age of 18 (I never did a paper round), I quickly realised that I wasn’t cut out to work for 42 years for some employer and then retire with a crappy pension.

I began coming up with ideas for businesses that I could run that would earn me much more money than I could earn working for someone else. I finally managed to go out on my own and start my own business 10 years later, and I am still running my own business today. I have also worked with other people who wanted to start their own business, helping them to realise their dreams. Seldom a day goes by when I don’t say to one of my mates, “You know with your skills you could start your own business doing XYZ”.

I think it’s because I want them to have the same freedom that I do. I choose my own hours, I go on holiday as much as possible, I work for six months then take a month off to pursue my hobbies such as writing. I really think I help them because I want more people to have lunch with. Fresh conversation and all that you know. But starting your own business is hard work. You need patience, you need marketing skills and you need a lot of perseverance.

earn-extra-money.jpgAnyhoo, back to the main thread of this post. I was saying that since the age of 18 I was always looking for ways to earn extra money, so I used to scour the classifieds looking for part time work and more interestingly “business opportunities”. I even tried out many of them, but I worked out that many of those schemes relied on you never having seen them before. They worked on your desire to earn extra money, and they worked on your desire to make a better life for yourself, but most of all, they worked on your gullibility. This I am sure doesn’t only happen in the UK, I am sure that people across the globe could tell exactly the same story I am telling. Truth is many of those schemes have moved from the paper classified, to the online world, only now they don’t have 2 lines and 80 words to sell their wares, they have pages and pages.

Now doubt, if you do a search on Google for “earn money uk“, you will see lots of ad claiming to be able to make you thousands of pounds for the tiny investment of £25 or something similar. More importantly, they claim you can earn money fast!

Don’t believe it mate, really don’t. You can earn money fast online, you can earn lots of extra income online, but what you can’t do is earn lots of money in a short space of time with an investment of only £25. To reach the place where those ads claim to take you, you have to put in lots of time, and research. You have to know your market, you have to test your products, find the point at which your market responds to what your doing or selling. It’s like any other business, you have to work hard at it every day in order to earn the big bucks mate, trust me.

If you want to earn extra money my UK brethren, don’t despair, there are ways of putting that extra cash in your pocket. Think of it as pin money, something to cover a bill here, or maybe a night out there. My first month selling stuff that I no longer wanted on Ebay earned me enough to pay a £200 gas bill. I didn’t have any work over that summer and was finding it difficult to keep the monthly bills covered. I had heard about Ebay, but wasn’t really convinced about it, until one day I decided to try it out. I had a lot of old computer gear, stereos, clothing an little knick-knacks taking up space in my small flat.

My first Ebay sale was £62. That from a printer that I no longer needed or wanted, it was sitting on the shelf gathering dust? Way-hey I was hooked. My friends took the piss out of me somewhat, but I didn’t care, for that summer Ebay paid my bills. Truth is I always buy my gear online now, never in the shops unless it’s something I absolutely have to have that day. If I can wait for it, I buy it online.

Right now I am writing a lot. I am putting it out there, in the universe “I am a writer”. I think writing is a perfect job for Winter, especially as now you don’t have to go out to the Library to do research. The Internet stocks far more books than could ever be stocked in my local library, (which by the way is under threat from closure because Croydon is taking away it’s funding).

For a while now I have been trying to move my business away from the usual cycle. I no longer want to work in the IT industry anymore. I am truly bored of it, and I cannot hide it. In order to make this happen, I’ve been reading, researching, studying to pick up new skills and polish old ones. I’ve been writing reviews for music and theatre on a voluntary basis, working with musicians who need pictures for their shows or for their CD’s and other merchandise.

I have been doing all this with the hopes of one day being able to work when I wanted, where I wanted. It has been my dream. The photography practice is coming together, the writing practice is coming together and whilst I don’t earn mega-bucks from either right now, I know it’s just a matter of time.

I don’t care right now if the writing is perfect, I just care that I am writing. The point I am trying to make (to myself) is that I can write on demand, I can write to a deadline and finally, that I can write the quantity & quality of words that are required to meet the brief.

I got my first copy writing job just before Christmas. I will earn money from it, because the client was very happy with the result. I wrote a letter for his new Locksmith business. He was delighted with the letter and it will go out in a few days time to all his new clients. That was my first one, it took about three hours to complete, including the first meeting with him, the research and the final copy. I got a friend of mine to proof it before he saw it, and I should get a cheque sometime soon.

The trick is to find something you really like doing. I love photography, I love writing, with practice the standard and quality of both will improve. One day, I will earn money from both. One day, the money I earn from both will buy me my dream house, all my cars and will help me to support my family much more than I do right now.

OR I could win the National Lottery just go on a really mad spending spree, but till then I’ll keep plugging away and earn money any way I can.


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  1. suejeff /

    Good for you Stirlyn. I’m also from the Uk and it is possible to make money online on a regular basis writing web content. Try out get a freelancer where you bid on work or digitalpoint forums.com – content creation forum – and good luck


  2. Stirlyn /

    Thanks for the information Sue. If you haven’t seen Sue’s websites, check them out, she has a wealth of information about writing and for writers

  3. Best Bank /

    You can earn money fast online, you can earn lots of extra income online, but what you can’t do is earn lots of money in a short space of time with an investment of only £25.

    Hah! Unless you spend the £25 on placing ads saying “earn money fast”! 🙂

    Seriously, you are spot on. It’s definitely possible to earn money online, but it’s a LOT of work. There is no magic get rich quick scheme, but the blogosphere is full of people who don’t understand this and have to learn the hard way.

    Also, there are lots of different ways to earn money online (all hard work), but using your existing skills as a freelancer is probably the most immediate way to make money (of course there’s ebay if you have stuff to sell).

    Anyway, good luck – I hope you get your dream house!

  4. Earn Money Writing Travel Articles | Stirlyn /

    […] on from my post about ways to earn money, I read a great post about travel writing from Sharon Hurley-Hall over at get paid to write online, […]

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  6. Find Hot Markets Blog /

    Any dollar is a good dollar.

    Or the British version about any pound is…

    A handful of small sites all earning a little can add up to
    something substantial. You just have to find those
    profitable niches. Even if they are tiny ones.

    Gary Harvey

  7. Tadas /

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  8. Mike /

    Hello, I’m in need of some advice about “making money”. Basically, I’m a 17 year old lad, and I just got my first job working 20 hours a week in a shop and, to be honest. I hate it, I can’t stand the work and the pay is god awful. I just can’t see myself working that kind of work for the rest of my life, for probably double the amount of hours I’m working now. So my question:

    How do I start my way into the money making market? I’m great at motivating myself, and I’m determined to get myself a good way to make money but the problem is, I don’t have a clue where to begin. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appretiated. Thank you.

  9. Plus size gowns /

    The best advice to give for someone who is tired of their ‘day job’ is to read articles like this and to just ‘start’ – start something, start trying to do something online perhaps even if all you are doing is writing down your monetary goals.

  10. Ray Wallace /

    Good post. Great website with a lot of useful information. Thanx

  11. David London /

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  12. Hassan siddique /

    I would like to earn some money how do i do this

  13. Kleeneze Lancashire /

    I couldnt agree more with some of the previous comments. There are so many opportunities on the internet that offer you the world for just $47, then drip feed you a bit of info, urging you to upgrade to something else for $199 and before you know it your putting $3000 on your credit card for a system that takes ages to setup and does NOWT !

    If you want to earn proper money, especially in the UK, which is where Im from, you can either work for a boss, where your income can only rise so far (And lets face it not very far and definitely not above your bosses wage) or you can work for yourself…

    Working for yourself can be very rewarding, but can cost thousands to setup and takes years for you to break even and start earning a profit…

    The ONLY way to earn some good money is with an UN-CAPPED or UN-RESTRICTED INCOME. Now unless you are a budding author, can write great music or have invented something, you aint going to earn a residual, passive or royalty income.

    But for us normal people, there are UK based opportunities out there, that offer residual incomes, low startup costs and will be around for years to come… Long after you or I have retired anyway…

    These companies use a system called Network Marketing, which is 100% ethical (Its not pryamid selling, like all the sceptics say), especially if the company is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association), which keeps an eye on these Network Marketing companies.

    In network marketing you can build up a team, who may be, as a group, turning over £11,000 of which you would earn a royalty income. but the powerful thing about network marketing is, you could be off sick or on holiday and not be able to contribute your part of the group turnover. However you would still earn your residual/royalty/passive income on the rest of the group turnover.

    And the bigger your team grows, the bigger your group turnover and so your income increases to.

    And what is even more powerfull, any member of your team can decide to work hard and pass you in the system and earn more than you, if they chose to do so… which is amazing !

    So do your research and find yourself a good UK business opportunity… Good luck in your search for success !

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