Earn Money Fast Have You Got Five Minutes

I can’t do everything you know some things I have to pay people to do. This is a surefire method to earn money fast. It will only take a few minutes, it’s simple, most people can do it. It’s not easy work, but at the end you will have crisp twenty pounds notes in your hand if you do a good job. How? Come and clean my house!

People Want To Pay You To Clean Up Their Mess

Hold on, hold on I am not taking the mickey, have you never heard the saying “where there’s muck, there’s money”? You see I have interior decorators in but I really need someone to come do the clean up work after they leave.

It’s not that they are really bad decorators (or maybe it is and I am just being generous), they are just really rubbish at cleaning up after themselves. The problem is they are used to working in empty properties, so they didn’t even have dust sheets when they came around at first.

Because they have to work around me and my stuff, they have to move everything that can be moved out of the room before they can start. The heavy stuff stays where it is, so they have to work around it. The upshot is, they mess everything up.

There is dust all over the place from where they have sanded down walls and doors. Paint splashes on furniture and floors, even the carpets. I’ve decided whilst writing this that they are a bunch of shoddy workmen, but because it’s not my house and because I didn’t hire them, I will just complain to the landlord and he will have to send someone round to clean it. The alternative is that I will hire someone to come clean it and send him the before and after pictures and a bill.

We Can’t Do Everything Ourselves

773440_spare_cash_1.jpgThere are lots of people like me who work all the time and HATE housework. It’s bad enough having to do regular cleaning. That I can handle, grudgingly, but I can handle it. This extra stuff has me going to bed with a wet towel over my forehead, because I cannot stand the fumes or the dust.

That is where you come in. Set yourself up as a specialist house cleaner, who cleans up after the interior decorators have gone. Trust me you will get business and so be able to earn money.

You don’t need a website, just an email address or a mobile phone. List your services on Gumtree or Craigslist, or even on Ebay. Print some leaflets or cards and drop them into your local Estate Agent or in the window of your local newsagent. Quote you’re hourly rate or a rate for the whole job. Say which area you cover, and bobs you uncle, you’ve found a way to earn extra money. What you don’t think it will work?

Don’t think that this is purely a way for women to earn money either. Blokes, you can do it too, probably even faster (not better though), because of that competitive streak that makes you want to beat your fastest time and so maximise your hourly rate (especially if you’ve quoted for the job).

Do you need cleaning materials? I guess that’s debatable. You could give the client the option of a higher rate if you have to supply the cleaning products, or a lower one if they do I suppose.

Either way, when you get set up with your new money earning venture, drop me a line, so I can book you out next week when these decorators go.

It’s going to be a trying next few weeks at home as I prepare to move house. Next time, I will write about another way that you can earn money fast. Let’s just say you have to be good with “Arts & Crafts” and leave it at that.

Photo © Steve Woods


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  2. Roshni /

    I feel the best way to earn money in the modern day is doing what you are best in….I am good at doing calculations, so am working with my father in his balance sheet…he is a good boss and has hired me for an unbelievable sum… 🙂

  3. Celebrity news /

    I never think its very easy to do …Earning money in few min is never possible until u do a lot of work then only u can get that other wise there is no chance{less than 5 % people can earn like that}

  4. irish gifts /

    I think you are being a bit generous about your painters. If I paid someone to paint my house and they didn’t take absolute care then I’b be raging.

    It doesn’t matter if they normally do empty houses, unless you’re paying them peanuts then I’d say you’re nuts!

  5. Earn Money Fast Online /

    This is a fantastic way to get some extras in your pocket. Not many will use it though, because it’s not very sexy. No one likes to clean though, so the market is indeed wide.

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