Scary or Safe Contact Lens Remover

Ever been lucky enough to use a contact lens remover? Reason I ask is that periodically I look at my site stats and I see that this site sometimes comes up in searches for contact lens remover or contact lense removal so I checked back and see that I have previously written on the subject of lens removal sometime last year, so today I took a wander around the net and checked out some of these implement to see what they looked like.

contact-lens-remover.jpgImagine my shock when I saw this image??? No way, said I, that looks ghastly. I would absolutely not be putting that thing no where near my eyes the contact lenses would have to stay in permanently if that was going to be the implement used to retrieve them.

When I first started wearing contact lenses, I had real problems getting them out. The optometrist showed me how to remove the contact lens. I tried to do the look left and blink method, and all sorts, getting the bloody things out was a nightmare. So much so that after an episode where they ended up somewhere behind my eyeball, I stopped wearing them altogether for months and months.

You see I wear the rigid gas permeable lenses, their hard and uncomfortable and difficult to get used to. There’s little point in me wearing the soft lenses according to my eye doctor so I’ve never had the pleasure, and they sound positively balmy in comparison. Perhaps if I had the contact lense remover that works kind of like a suction pad I would wear them more.

Anyway, better luck to you if you use a contact lens remover to get your contact lenses out of your eyes. Me I just use my fingers and pluck them out, making sure I thoroughly wash my hands beforehand. Better yet, I just wear glasses.


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  2. piilolinssit /

    Wtf “contact lense removal” I personally prefer my own hands.
    Rigid gas permeable lenses are a bit old stuff.

  3. Adam /

    Well, not everyone is going to achieve the same results with glasses. I wear GP rigid lenses as well, because I have a particular condition in my eye that benefits from the rigidness of the lens.

    I’d be struggling to remove a lens from my good eye. It would take me a good 10 mins to remove, where as with my bad eye, with the condition in, the lens was much easier to remove. This battle discouraged me from using them altogether, until I heard about the suction removal tools.

    They really are great. It’s just a little squeezy rubber tube – which helps remove the lens in seconds.

    I would really recommend them to anyone reading this blog.

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