Not too long from now, I’ll be heading off again on another wander to somewhere where I’ve never been before, and as per usual, there’s lots of preparation to do and thinking about what I want to take with me. So far (again as per usual) I’ve done nothing, but one thing that I am thinking about quite a lot is getting some soft contact lens, (Acuvue dailies you know the type). I thought I would just this once ignore what my optometrist says about wearing rigid gas permeable rgp contact lenses due to my severe astigmatism, just because when it’s hot, you want to be as comfortable as possible, that includes your eyewear. It came as a pleasant surprise when doing searches for contact lens to buy online that I discovered to my delight that I can get contact lens for astigmatism which are soft not hard. Hurrah!

What is Astigmatism

Astigmatism is where the surface of the eye, the cornea, is oval shaped instead of being round. What happens is the light that comes into the eye is not reflected well on the retina at the back of your eye and this results in blurred vision, sometimes fatigue and headaches.

If your astigmatism is severe, it means that you will need to wear glasses, but if you chose to wear contact lenses, you will need to have rigid lenses as these help to reshape your cornea, thus allowing you to see more clearly. The problem for people like me who wear rigid contact lenses is that after some time, especially if you don’t wear them every day, the eye can become very tired and the lenses become more and more uncomfortable.

Contact Lens for Astigmatism have arrived

As technology advances and optical firms and contact lens makers do more research into materials available, the good news is that we now have soft contact lens for astigmatism. Amongst the makers are well know brand Acuvue, who have created ACUVUE® ADVANCE for ASTIGMATISM. Whilst they are not the only company making this type of contact lens, or making alternatives to rigid contact lenses, you may also be able to wear Toric lenses, which have no power, but because of thedesign, they are able to stay in place and/or hold their shape better, thus compensating for the astigmatism if you are a mild case.

The news is good, there is now more variety in the contact lens market if you want to buy contact lenses that you’ve previously been told you would not be able to wear. I’m off to talk to my eye doctor to see if I can get contact lens from Acuvue. Hopefully I’ll be able to find contact lens that cope with my astigmatism. If I can I will buy them.


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  1. Web Filter & Web Filtering /

    I wear those! They do not yet make them in color (I have always wanted to try brown color contacts), but they breathe wonderfully and they are very flexible and comfortable.

    I’ve had many people tell me they can’t wear contacts because of their astigmatism – just yesterday actually. But mine is HORRIBLE, yet I can still wear these. Perhaps they are just uninformed?

  2. Kevry J /

    Nice blog! I have never used Acuvue lenses and now I wish that I just go market to buy them. Thanks for this nice information!

  3. Anny /

    Because of astigmatism I wear glasses, which I don’t want to. I hope Contact Lens for Astigmatism is a solution to my problem. i will consult my doctor and will buy it. Thanks for showing me a way 🙂

  4. Ginnie /

    I had astigmatism symptoms and I bought Duke Peterson’s guide,Vision Without Glasses.
    This great vision improvement guide shows you safe, simple, yet effective methods to naturally sharpen your vision so you can finally throw away your glasses or contact lens.Enjoy!

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