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Firstly a week in, Happy New Year guys, hope your holiday season was enjoyable and indulgent. I had a great time, spent a month down in sunny Jamaica, not really doing anything much more than enjoying the sunshine and the tranquility.

Back in London, the snow has most of us on lockdown, cold and wishing we didn’t have to tackle the transport system, black ice and chilling winds just to get to and from work.

2010 is set to be an interesting year for all of us. In the UK we have to have a general election by the end of June. We don’t know whether we will get a change of government but it seems likely (at least in name, if not in policy). What this willl mean for us, who knows. The country is in a shaky state, globally people are talking about double dip recession becoming a reality later this year. With all this happening, with people still facing very real threats to their jobs and livelyhood it’s a wonder anyone can feel optimistic.

Have you set new goals for 2010? Regardless of what may happen, we still have to live. We have to get on with our lives, loves, family, work. There is still plenty to enjoy in life, and even if you think your life is bad, there is almost always someone else who is in a worse position than you.

I looked back at the posts I made in 2009 and realised that I haven’t written many on this blog, although I have been writing elsewhere. As this is my personal blog, it has fallen behind those on which I write for money. Since my goals for 2010 are different from those of last year, I think I may spend more time writing here and not so much elsewhere online. 2010 will see me spend more time on personal development, and artistic practice.

A couple of the projects on which I have been working are up and running now. In particular, I am really pleased that my heritage related project is up and running at http://leerfuturo.com. The project only has only a working title at present Leer Futuro (which means To read the future in English). The project at present centers around heritage sites in the Caribbean and this last month I have been able to spend some time looking at sites in Jamaica that have some relation to the transatlantic slave trade.

In addition to that I am working on some more projects around indentity and cultural heritage. As they progress I will let you know more. If you’ve got plans for this year, don’t let them sit on the back burner waiting for things to pick up. Get going, make your moves, start on your goals. the time to start is right now.


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  1. Rina Liddle /

    I am so happy to hear I will be hearing more from you here…hehehe.

    But seriously, your projects sound fab and I look forward to following the process, largely because at the moment, I am thinking process in so important in that it informs how product manifests. This relationship is often trivialized by traditional methods of art dissemination and blogging is one way to bridge the gap between artist and viewer and makes the act of “looking” at art a richer and intimate experience. This way of experiencing art contradicts Greenberg’s position which is quite literally to have the viewer stand before the object and allow the aura to fill you with meaning, and that the only reason for the viewer to “not get it” is that s/he is “defective. This contradiction makes me very happy.

    • Stirlyn /

      Thanks Rina,

      I really think your right. I don’t even really know where the project will end or what the final outcome will be, but I feel that this method of working works well for me, it’s more organic and the thing Ive found the final work means more to me as well as I hope the viewer.

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